Friday, September 9, 2011

See What I Mean?

"Match Wits With the Scholars!"....that was the motto of WJAC-TV's Scholastic Quiz, a program modeled on College Bowl. We did pretty well, and were the runner-up in the tournament and won over $4,000 in scholarship money for one of our classmates to attend the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  However, we were not even in the running when it came to cool.

I think I still have my "Lamp of Learning" pin someplace. I should dig it out. It probably goes with everything.


  1. Should have assumed you were not only on the team but also Captain.

  2. I was even recognized by a viewer in the Perkins Pancake House in Altoona once. My fifteen minutes of fame!

  3. If you start wearing that Lamp of Learning pin again it may jog more people's memories. Good for at least another half hour.